The stars in the mixed entertainment circle will not only

The stars in the mixed entertainment circle will not only be concerned by the public in their career,

but also their personal emotional life. A month ago,

the news that Cecilia Cheung gave birth to her third child secretly

in Hong Kong Hospital was very popular on the internet,

but the parties never came forward to clarify it. Later, I also took a

group photo with my friend “chance encounter”,

and I couldn’t see the appearance of pregnancy and childbirth at all.

A recent photo was uploaded on the 15th,

showing her slender figure and sharp chin, so that netizens believed that the news of pregnancy and childbirth was fabricated. But unexpectedly,

on December 17, Cecilia Cheung issued a statement through the studio, acknowledging the news that her third child had been born.


According to the studio’s microblog, Ms. Cecilia Cheung gave birth to her third son in November and said that she would create better growth conditions for the three children in the future, so she would bring more and better works,

announcing that the “Little Prince” had a full moon. Faced with this sudden frankness, many netizens have sent blessings, but there are also many fans who “complain” and have said why not the little princess? Don’t ask Dad who he is? Instead, they are entangled with having boys and girls. Knowing the cause of the complaint is also a real laughing and crying.

Actually, most of the netizens are happy to see Cecilia

Cheung give birth to three children as she wishes. After all, since her divorce from Tingfeng Tse, she has been living alone with her two sons and desperately needs someone to accompany her.

Nowadays, to live according to one’s own ideas and realize one’s dream of regenerating a child is a kind of hard work and willingness to move towards a new life.

Even though most of the netizens have given good wishes, there are still many netizens who disapprove of her unmarried birth and strongly urge her to announce who the father of the child is. A woman who lives with three children is not really happy. I don’t know if she has met a new boyfriend and is ready to start a new marriage relationship, as reported on the Internet.ash2019

As a well-known artist, Cecilia Cheung is certainly not short of money, but only the mother does not have a father’s life, for the children, there must be some emotional deficiencies. I hope there is a man behind her who loves her so much that she doesn’t have to work so hard in life. It remains to be seen whether officials will announce their emotional life.

From the recent sunshine on the 15th, we can see that Cecilia Cheung is sure to be back in the near future, but the third son just full moon, this time will be back to work, mother or child is not a small pressure. It’s not clear why she worked so hard.

I believe that netizens will not ignore this matter because she admits to having three babies, but will be more curious about the father of the child. In the next days, Cecilia Cheung’s mother and son will receive more attention.ash1314

When the news of her secret birth spread through the internet, I and the studio kept a tight lip. Later, Cecilia Cheung appeared again and again, as if to prove that she had not delivered. Especially in the photo shoot with friends, the friends still

inducted the public that Cecilia Cheung had no children. Think

about it carefully, if a friend does not have the advice of Cecilia Cheung, will he really speak freely about whether or not he has a baby?

It is not clear why Cecilia Cheung frequently clarified the

appearance of childbirth, nor why she should let the studio come

out when the netizens have basically decided that she has no childbirth. Since she last attended the event in May, she has

never appeared before, but when her own clothing brand

ompany was ready to open, she admitted the news of the birth of a

child, which will inevitably make netizens doubt its intention.shlf2019

After all, actresses in the entertainment industry have the default

custom of not publicizing their pregnancy before March, but they have not been publicized until the full moon of childbirth.

Cecilia Cheung is undoubtedly the first one in the entertainment industry. Pregnancy and childbirth events on the Internet fermented for a month, the event many times “God turn”,

now finally is the end of the curtain. Anyway, Cecilia Cheung gets what he wants, and netizens still want to send the most sincere happiness,shlf1314

even if they have seen the others.

Entertainment circle is true or false,

really need not spend too much energy

to ponder, just be a melon eater.

Several members of Congress criticized the failure

The Federal Government of the United States has detained thousands

of illegal immigrants, including both adults and their minor children, on the border between the United States and Mexico. A 7-year-old girl was exposed to have died in US custody on the 14th.

Several members of Congress criticized the failure of law enforcement officers to report to the Senate and House of Representatives within 24 hours, so that Congress was unaware of the tragedy and “learned from the news” six days later.


The girl died in Guatemala, a Central American country, named Jacqueline Carr, aged 7. Her father is Neri Carr, 29.

Carl’s father and daughter arrived at the Port of Antillopwells, New Mexico, on December 6, and were detained by law enforcement officers of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agency at about 21.15 p.m. U.S. officials say more than 160 immigrants were present at the border crossing.

At about 4:30 a.m. on December 7, law enforcement officers took Carl’s father and daughter to a bus for transfer to another place of detention in New Mexico. The bus started at 5:00; shortly before departure, Neri told law enforcement officers that Jacqueline was vomiting. At 6:30, when the bus arrived at its destination, Jacqueline stopped breathing.

Emergency workers arrived and took Jacqueline to a hospital in El Paso, Texas. After some treatment, Jacqueline died in hospital on the morning of December 8.

U.S. officials disclosed that Neri witnessed her daughter’s death in a hospital and was subsequently sent to an immigration settlement in El Paso.


American media initially reported that the 7-year-old girl died of dehydration and exhaustion. Medical examinations showed brain swelling, liver failure and cardiac arrest in girls, US officials said Wednesday.

The Homeland Security Inspector General’s Office began investigating the incident, promising to inform the federal government, Congress and the public about the progress of the investigation.

According to Congressional regulations, the Customs and Border Protection Agency should report to the appropriation committees of the House and Senate within 24 hours of the girl’s death.

However, Jay Tilton, spokesman for the Senate Appropriations Committee, confirmed to the media that no report had been received. An assistant to the House of Representatives who did not want to be identified told Reuters that the House Appropriation Committee had also not received a report and was asking the Department of Homeland Security, Customs and Border Protection to “explain”.

Several senior Democratic congressmen wrote a joint letter urging the Office of the Inspector General of Homeland Security to thoroughly investigate the concealment. The letter said, “It was only a week after the incident that we learned about it from the news report. We can’t express our indignation too much.”


In an interview with the media, Homeland Security Minister Costjane Nielsen said the death of the girl was “heartbreaking”, but refused to acknowledge the responsibility of law enforcement officials in the United States, emphasizing that “such a journey is dangerous, and now it is a sad case”.

Democratic Senator Dick Durbin talked about the girl’s death on social media Twitter on the 14th, calling on Nielsen to take the blame and resign.

The girl’s father, Neri, filled out a form containing answers to about 20 questions when he was detained, according to officials of the Department of Homeland Security who did not want to be named. One of the items in the table is whether the child has a disease or not. He outlines the option “No”.

American law enforcement officials asked questions in Spanish and the form was written in English. In a statement, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Guatemala said Neri’s mother tongue is Kerki, a Mayan language.

Guatemalan consular official Tecandi Panagua

visited Neri twice on the 8th and 10th, then told the media:

“They can speak Spanish, but they can’t understand 100 percent.”

(End) (Special Release of Xinhua News Agency)

Haikou Customs recently announced a drug smuggling case,

Haikou Customs recently announced a drug smuggling case, seizing 3912.94

grams of such new drugs, known as stamps and candies. Six persons were arrested in the case. At present, the court has held a trial at first instance for some of the persons involved and made a conviction.

What is the situation of paralysis caused by drug abuse among foreign students? Where the Drug Sources of Overseas Students Come from

In March this year, customs inspectors at the Haikou Customs Post Office found some candy-like items in a batch of incoming mail from the United States, which attracted the attention of customs officers. The anti-smuggling Department of the customs immediately launched an investigation into the case clues. The recipient of the package, Zhang Mou, is a senior student in Beijing. A private investigator rushed to Beijing to catch him.

Haikou Customs Anti-smuggling Bureau Sanya Branch Anti-smuggling Police: “Zhang Mou, in addition to participating in Sanya radio syllables, he will also participate in many of the larger domestic radio syllables, the purpose of buying ecstasy is mainly used in domestic radio syllables to smoke.”

According to Zhang, these drugs were purchased from Qiu Mou, a Chinese student studying abroad in the United States through the Internet. The arresting personnel immediately launched the investigation and control of Qiu Mou.

What is the situation of paralysis caused by drug abuse among foreign students? Where the Drug Sources of Overseas Students Come fromshlf2019

What is the situation of paralysis caused by drug abuse among foreign students? Where the Drug Sources of Overseas Students Come from

What is the situation of paralysis caused by drug abuse among foreign students? Where the Drug Sources of Overseas Students Come from

Haikou Customs Anti-smuggling Bureau Sanya Branch Anti-smuggling Police: “Qiu Mou was captured when she returned to Shanghai Pudong Airport in May this year, and found a large number of new drugs in her luggage. For example, there are cannabis fume, poisonous stamps, ecstasy, and some drugs like fudge.

Qiu said that her drug originated from Canadian Chinese “Brother Z”. In July, “Brother Z” was caught by seized persons after he traveled from Canada to Beijing carrying drugs.

Haikou Customs Anti-smuggling Bureau Sanya Branch Anti-smuggling Police: “In Canada, in addition to his own work as a chef, the main source of income is the sale of drugs. He returned home this time because of the short period of economic tension, so he took the risk of bringing this new batch of drugs home for sale.shlf1314

According to Brother Z’s confession, the arresting officer grasped the situation of his offline personnel in China, and four of them were arrested successively.ash1314

Drug Smuggling and Paralysis Caused by Drug Addiction by Foreign Students

Drug abuse can cause great harm to human body and mind, and the harm to human body is often irreversible. Qiu Mou, the person involved in this case, was paralyzed by drug addiction while studying in the United States. At present,

he can only spend his life in a wheelchair. Qiu,

a 23-year-old senior studying in the United States,

told reporters that her first contact

was nitrous oxide, known as laughter.

With the rapid development of society, people’s daily

With the rapid development of society, people’s daily living standards have been constantly

improving. For families today, it is still a matter of great importance for many parents to

1.let their children receive a good education. For so many years, the concept of “education


changes fate, knowledge decides the future” has been deeply rooted in the minds of many people. Now.

And relatively speaking, education is really more important, because more and more ash2019

high-end talents are needed, so college students are now very competitive, and there are

many college students will experience one thing during the school is to take CET-4 and CET-6,

for this CET-4 and CET-6, I believe many people are very familiar with, and for many universities.

It’s a nightmare in life.CET-6 last year and that they had misplaced them for more than ten minutes. After several interruptions, they were still wrong.shlf1314

Of course, CET-4 and CET-6 are very important for many college students. In order to prepare for these students, they don’t spend much time in preparing for the CET-4 and CET-6. They all want to get a good result in CET-4 and CET-6. But what we didn’t think of is that one thing that happened recently can be said to make many people startled, and nobody thought of it. In CET-4 and CET-6, there are such low-level mistakes as misplacing listening questions.

2.Because CET-4 and CET-6 are national examinations, they should be very rigorous, but recently a university in Henan Province was found to have misplaced listening in CET-4 and CET-6. The students found that they had misplaced the exam questions of CET-6 last year and that they had misplaced them for more than ten minutes. After several interruptions, they were still wrong.

There were four times before and

after the interruption. So it’s hard to say.

I didn’t expect such a farce to appear

in such an important exam.

As the weather gets colder and colder, 2018 is finally coming to

As the weather gets colder and colder, 2018 is finally coming to an end.


Events happen every year, especially this year. Beloved Aidou got married, worshipped stars retired, familiar media people died, once worshipped people quit the stage bit by bit, do not know what you got and lost in 2018, but for drip drip, 2018 is indeed a very bad year, just yesterday’s drip travel conference, 36-year-old CEO Chen Wei clearly said that 2018 is the year of his life. Employees’annual bonuses are halved, and executives have no annual bonuses.

As we all know, in 2018, because of several bad incidents of rape and murder of female passengers by drivers, users were extremely disappointed with the safety performance of drip, which led to the suspension of drip’s original plan to go public this year. Of course, in addition to the negative news impact of dripping itself, dripping this year’s overall business development is also very bad, coupled with this year’s economic circle than in the past has been relatively depressed a lot, the environment plus its own factors, leading to dripping this year’s poor results.

Droplet belongs to the kind of “other people’s annual meeting” in the past few years. According to reports, the annual end-of-the-year award grade before Droplet comes according to six months’salary, four months’ salary and two months’salary. If the salary is halved at the end of this year, it may only be one or two months’ salary. The employees of Droplet down, but they still have confidence in the company. That drop in addition to the security system of this barrier, the drop in 2019 may have to face these four barriers?

1. Safety of online car booking

This is a very serious problem that Drop has to face directly. Several downwind tragedies in 2018 have also given Drop a very profound lesson. Especially after the incident, the safety incidents that all kinds of netizens have unearthed have aggravated the public’s distrust of the safety performance of online car appointment. This is undoubtedly the most important thing that Drop should pay attention to and implement the solution. Far from saying, if even one similar thing happens again in 2019, it will be difficult to explain it to the public.

2. When will the windmill be restored

Since the tragedy happened, Drop-drop announced that it had been offline indefinitely, and it has not been restored. Although people have questioned the safety of Drop-drop, there are still many users who need to use it. Many netizens have said that “it’s really a piece of rat excrement, which damages a pot of porridge”. There is no problem with the existence of the downwind vehicle itself. Long-distance hitching is convenient. Suitable and comfortable, do not crowded buses in the early rush hours, and for those who drive by the windmill, they can earn some gas money on the way to and from work or home. The existence of the windmill has its great significance. So when the windmill will be restored is also a question.

3. Transportation Capacity Guarantee of Drop-drop Travel

Everyone knows that it is not as easy to take a taxi as it used to be. Since the government introduced the restraint management measures, it often takes a long queue to take a taxi in the rush hour sooner or later. It can’t be dispatched alone. I believe that this is also a huge problem that dripping will face in 2019.

4. How to Develop New Business

After several vicious incidents, Droplet’s new business has entered the cold winter directly. Shared bicycle, finance, automobile industry, Droplet take-out and so on are still in operation. Where are these businesses going in the cold winter of the Internet?

In 2019, we are facing so many severe challenges. From the user’s point of view, Xiaobian expects to improve the security system as soon as possible. As an Internet innovation enterprise which has been developing rapidly for six years, it is not necessarily a good thing for the company to experience some frustrations and setbacks in time.


However, in 2019,

two weeks later,

the challenge is still

not small for Xiaobian. !

A Canadian court recently ruled in the attempted killing

A Canadian court recently ruled in the attempted killing of a former roommate from

China by a doctor of polymer chemistry from Queen’s University of Canada.

The defendant, Wang Mou, 26, graduated from Sun Yat-sen University in Material Chemistry. After graduation, he was admitted to Queen’s University in Polymer Chemistry and became a doctor. Wang Mou’s academic achievements are excellent. He not only published many articles in the core journals of chemistry, but also applied for scientific and technological patents. In 2015, Queen’s University also honored his academic achievements.

Wang Mou and Hu Mou are colleagues of the same research group on polymer nanostructured materials. They had been roommates for some time. Hu said that when they shared the rent, once Wang wanted to borrow Hu’s room for a weekend party, Hu refused. But Wang Mou took advantage of Hu Mou’s absence at the weekend, and opened Hu Mou’s room directly to start “crazy”. As a result, the room was messed up by the people who attended the party. Hu Mou came home, very angry to find Wang Mou’s theory, but Wang Mou denies it. Later, Hu Mou could no longer bear Wang Mou, so he moved out.

From January this year, Hu felt that his food tasted bitter, and produced symptoms of vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea and dizziness. At that time, he thought the food he bought was spoiled, so he didn’t care. But this situation lasted for about a month, arousing Hu’s vigilance. Hu also found that his water cup had a strong chemical flavor. He dared not drink any more. On January 26, his guide reported that he might be poisoned.

After the instructor authorized Hu to install a surveillance camera in front of his desk, the result of the day was that Wang Mou used a syringe to drip yellow unknown liquid into Hu Mou’s food and drinking water. Hu immediately reported the case and handed in the food that had been eaten before with the taste of chemicals. Police arrested Wang the same day, but Wang insisted that he was only playing a prank, injecting liquid is ethanol.

After careful testing, the police determined that the food contained a highly toxic substance, N-nitrodimethylamine. This chemical material is often used in the manufacture of industrial sulfur, rubber accelerants, rocket fuels and insecticides. If it enters the human body, it will cause serious damage to the liver and kidney. In the field of biomedicine, it is used to induce tumors. Hu said angrily that the police did not find out the toxicity until mid-April, when the best time for treatment had been missed and his liver was seriously damaged.

For the reason of Wang’s poisoning, Hu said it might be out of jealousy. Because they have published papers together, Hu Mou’s name ranks ahead of Wang Mou. However, Wang’s lawyer disagreed with Hu’s statement. He emphasized that Wang’s achievements were excellent and he would not commit crimes because of jealousy.

In front of the evidence, Wang only pleaded guilty and kept silent about the motive of the crime and the source of the poison. Hu Mou thinks that Wang Mou’s confession is a tactical evasion of trial, not a sincere confession, because it can be lightly punished. As for the source of the poison,

it is known that Queen’s University and Medical College

have not ordered the substance for

five years, and no one knows from what channel Wang

Mou got it. But for Wang Mou, self-configuration is not complicated.

It is reported that the copyright of “Yanxi Strategy” has been sold to

It is reported that the copyright of “Yanxi Strategy” has been sold to

about 90 countries, with an estimated revenue of more

than 300 million yuan, and the advertising price of “Yanxi Strategy” is as high as 3 million yuan.

Sina Entertainment News, according to Hong Kong media reports, the popular Hong Kong palace drama “Yanxi Strategy” ranked first in the global TV program search list on the world’s largest search website. Today, it is reported that the copyright of “Yanxi” has been sold to about 90 countries, with an estimated revenue of more than 300 million yuan.

In terms of advertising investment, Yanxi starts with a price of 3 million yuan, and its advertising revenue is at least 210 million yuan, based on the volume of its 70 collections and one advertisement per episode.

Extended reading:

Will the film industry bubble go back to “cold winter” and will rebirth in Nirvana?

2018 is about to pass, but this year’s movie and TV series are much less expensive than last year’s. At the Sansheng 2018 Summit, many industry insiders believed that the film and television industry may have entered a “cold winter”.


However, some people believe that “cold winter” is not necessarily a bad thing. Limiting the star’s high pay and giving the IP only a cooling will help the industry remove foam and restore rationality. Because the colder the winter,

the more quality content is needed, the more creative initiative is needed, and the more user value is needed.

“Explosion drama” reduced, the film industry bubble removed?

Compared with 2017, the performance of this year’s films and TV dramas is sluggish. Last year, TV dramas exploded continuously, from “Peach Blossoms of the Thirteenth Life”, “My First Half Life” to

“The Name of the People” and “The Flowers Blossom and Leaves Are Round That Year”. There was also a phenomenal film “Warwolf 2” in the film.


Looking back at 2018, however, TV dramas have made little money, especially Star Dramas on Satellite TV. The effects of Fuyan and Ruyi Zhuan are not as good as expected, but the unexpected fire of Yuzheng’s Yanxi Strategies.

The quantity and quality of online dramas and movies are not as good as last year. According to the “Research Report on the Development of China’s Online Audio-visual Industry in 2018”,

the total number of online dramas on the Internet reached 214 in the first three quarters of 2018, which is expected to reach 280 by the end of 2018; the number of online movies reached 1030, and the total number of online dramas is expected to reach 1373 in the whole year. Compared with 555 online dramas and 5620 online movies last year, the number of them has dropped dramatically.


IP dramas are also cooling down, and TV dramas adapted from novels such as

“Songs of Fire”, “Fengqiuhuang”, “All the Way Flowers Send Each Other” have had a flat response.

Han Zhijie, Senior Vice President of Penguin Film and Television, reviewed the failure of this year’s Big IP case, and summed up three problems: being left and right by data, catering to the market, betting more energy and budget on traffic stars rather than creating. In his view, IP itself is not wrong, but the market’s perception of IP is wrong.

“The market is becoming more and more mature, and the platform is growing. Now it’s hard to get a pass if you want to hold a page of PPT for sale.” He said.

Wang Ran, founder of Yikai Capital, believes that the so-called “cold winter” has several major backgrounds. One is that in the past five years, a large influx of funds into the film and television industry, coupled with a large demand for content on the three major video websites, has created a large number of “players” who should not enter the industry. And many companies have low profitability, hovering between loss and small profit.

In his view, the low threshold of the film and television industry will lead to inadequate investment in the early stage of IP development, it is difficult to form a large-scale and predictable value precipitation,

film and television companies in front of the

front-line cafe has become a “vulnerable group”,

independent film and television

companies are also difficult to form a scale.

or the big man with the scarred face, or the youth

or the big man with the scarred face, or the youth with the red hair. He had been afraid, though. One of the others might have realized what was happening. Then they would have


turned on him and killed him. And Haggon’s words had haunted him, and so the chance had passed.

After the battle there had been thousands of them struggling through the forest, hungry, frightened, fleeing the carnage that had descended on them at the Wall. Some had talked of


returning to the homes that they’d abandoned, others of mounting a second assault upon the gate, but most were lost, with no notion of where to go or what to do. They had escaped the

black-cloaked crows and the knights in their grey steel, but more relentless enemies stalked them now. Every day left more corpses by the trails. Some died of hunger, some of cold, some

of sickness. Others were slain by those who had been their brothers-in-arms when they marched south with Mance Rayder, the King-Beyond-the-Wall.

Mance is fallen, the survivors told each other in despairing voices, Mance is taken, Mance is dead. “Harma’s dead and Mance is captured, the rest run off and left us,” Thistle had claimed,

as she was sewing up his wound. “Tormund, the Weeper, Sixskins, all them brave raiders. Where are they now?”

She does not know me, Varamyr realized then, and why should she? Without his beasts he did not look like a great man. I was Varamyr Sixskins, who broke bread with Mance Rayder. He had

named himself Varamyr when he was ten. A name fit for a lord, a name for songs, a mighty name, and fearsome. Yet he had run from the crows like a frightened rabbit. The terrible Lord

Varamyr had gone craven, but he could not bear that she should know that, so he told the spearwife that his name was Haggon. Afterward he wondered why that name had come to his

lips, of all those he might have chosen.


I ate his heart

and drank his

blood, and still

he haunts me.

Molitor had the best competitive swimming club

Molitor had the best competitive swimming club in Paris. Therewere two pools, an indoor and an outdoor. Both were as bigas small oceans. The indoor pool always had two lanesreserved for


swimmers who wanted to do lengths. The waterwas so clean and clear you could have used it to make yourmorning coffee. Wooden changing cabins, blue and white,surrounded the pool


on two floors. You could look down andsee everyone and everything. The porters who marked yourcabin door with chalk to show that it was occupied werelimping old men, friendly in an ill-


tempered way. No amount ofshouting and tomfoolery ever ruffled them. The showers gushedhot, soothing water. There was a steam room and an exerciseroom. The outside pool


became a skating rink in winter. Therewas a bar, a cafeteria, a large sunning deck, even two smallbeaches with real sand. Every bit of tile, brass and woodgleamed. It was – it was…”It was


the only pool that made Mamaji fall silent, hismemory making too many lengths to mention.
Mamaji remembered, Father dreamed.

That is how I got my name when I entered this world, alast, welcome addition to my family, three years after Ravi:
Piscine Molitor Patel.

Thistle had warned him that might happen. “I sewed it up the best I could,” she’d said, “but you need to rest and let it mend, or the flesh will tear open again.”

Thistle had been the last of his companions, a spearwife tough as an old root, warty, windburnt, and wrinkled. The others had deserted them along the way. One by one they fell behind or


forged ahead, making for their old villages, or the Milkwater, or Hardhome, or a lonely death in the woods. Varamyr did not know, and could not care. I should


have taken one

of them when

I had the chance.

One of the twins,

One was better off at the Piscines Chateau-Landon,

One was better off at the Piscines Chateau-Landon, Rouvetor du boulevard de la Gare. They were indoor pools withroofs, on land and open year-round. Their water was suppliedby the


condensation from steam engines from nearby factoriesand so was cleaner and warmer. But these pools were still abit dingy and tended to be crowded. “There was so much goband spit


floating in the water, I thought I was swimmingthrough jellyfish,” chuckled Mamaji.

The Piscines Hébert, Ledru-Rollin and Butte-aux-Cailles werebright, modern, spacious pools fed


by artesian wells. They setthe standard for excellence in municipal swimming pools. Therewas the Piscine des Tourelles, of course, the city’s other greatOlympic pool, inaugurated during the


second Paris games, of1924. And there were still others, many of them.

But no swimming pool in Mamaji’s eyes matched the gloryof the Piscine Molitor. It was the

crowning aquatic glory ofParis, indeed, of the entire civilized world.
“It was a pool the gods would have delighted to swim in.

That was as a wolf, though. He had never eaten the meat of men with human teeth. He would not grudge his pack their feast, however. The wolves were as famished as he was, gaunt and


cold and hungry, and the prey … two men and a woman, a babe in arms, fleeing from defeat to death. They would have perished soon in any case, from exposure or starvation. This way was


better, quicker. A mercy.

“A mercy,” he said aloud. His throat was raw, but it felt good to hear a human voice, even his own. The air smelled of mold and damp, the ground was cold and hard, and his fire was giving


off more smoke than heat. He moved as close to the flames as he dared, coughing and shivering by turns, his side throbbing where his wound had opened. Blood had soaked his


breeches to the

knee and dried

into a hard

brown crust.