one right now. It’s the source of a lot of discussion in

Museums are not only there for enjoyment; they are education, and as such should be free.

While I can appreciate the enormous costs involved in maintainin

g and obtaining collections, let the wealthiest 1 percent of the country pay for it.

The Met in NYC is technically free; they ask you to give what you can afford. But the ide

a of a person or child interested in art not being able to view it because of cost is morally wrong.

Free entrance does not attract people, nor does it encourage them to appreciate it.

Sure, there are exceptions to this, but by and large human beings tend to look up to things that are difficult or costly to access.

A better option is to charge fees for regular visitors but provide free ti

ckets as prizes for high-achieving students and others who are likely to appreciate the reward.

Developments in space plans announcedious types

China aims to place a scientific research station near the

moon’s south pole in about 10 years, as well as conduct other explor

ation missions using astronauts on the lunar surface, a senior space official said on Wednesday.

Zhang Kejian, head of the China National Space Administrati

on, made the announcement at the opening ceremony of t

he 4th China Space Day in Changsha, Hunan province. He did not elaborate on the plans.

He noted ongoing plans to launch the Chang’e 5 lunar probe later thi

s year to collect samples and return them to Earth an

d that Shaoshan, the hometown of Mao Zedong, will be one of the permanent storage centers for the lunar samples.

Zhang added that the country plans to launch its first probe to explore Mars next year.

Top 10 Chinese cities with the most job opportunitie

Guangzhou in South China’s Guangdong province provides the most

job opportunities in enterprises in the first quarter of this year, a report said.

With development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greate

r Bay Area set to begin, Guangzhou witnessed 24.95 percent year-on-year growth in recrui

tment demand in Q1, according to the report by 58 Tongcheng Recruitment Research Institute.

First-tier cities including Beijing and Shanghai continue to provide the largest job markets i

n China, while new first-tier cities such as Chengdu in Southwest China’s Sichuan province and Hangzhou in E

ast China’s Zhejiang province show strong momentum in recruitment demand growth.

With an average monthly wage of 9,723 yuan ($1,447.64), Shanghai, China’s financial center, pays the highest salaries in the co

untry, followed by Hangzhou with an average of 8,684 yuan, up 25.77 percent year-on-year — the highest growth rate.

Let’s take a look at which Chinese cities provide the most job opportunities.

Gangsters to face harsher punishments group clarifie

ourts around China will hand down harsher sentences, up to and

including the death penalty, for gang-related crimes, under a directive released on Tue

sday by the country’s leading group pursuing a national crackdown on gang crime.

China has taken a tough stance and stepped up its efforts

against gangs. In January last year it launched a three-year campaig

n against mafia-style gangs and officials who shelter criminal organizations.

Chen Yixin, director of the leading group, said at a news confere

nce in Beijing on Tuesday that as of March, more than 79,00

0 people had been prosecuted, and trials are crucial at this stage of the campaign.

Jiang Wei, deputy director of the leading group, said the directive clarifies the legal

definition of mafia-style gang crimes so that other types of cases won’t be misidentified.

The move was part of the country’s efforts to expand open

ing-up of its securities sector, said the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC).

“CSRC will actively promote the opening-up of the securities market, firmly implement e

ach opening-up policy and continue to well manage the review work of setting up securities JVs or changing t

heir actual controllers according to laws and regulations and in an efficient way,” the commission said.

J.P. Morgan said the establishment of a majority-controlled securities company in China will allow the company to furt

her strengthen its onshore platform and offer a complete set of services and solutions to its clients both in China and globally.

Mark Leung, CEO of J.P. Morgan China, considered it “a major milestone” in the company’s long history in China.

“China is one of the largest and fastest growing markets in the world and represents one of the most exciting opportu

nities for many of our clients and our firm,” said Nicolas Aguzin, chairman and CEO of J.P. Morgan Asia Pacific.

French court okays screening of film on priest’s abuse

French court on Monday approved cinema screenings of an award-winning director’s new film about the real-life story of a

priest accused of sexually abusing boy scouts, even though the case has yet to come to trial.

The 73-year-old priest, Bernard Preynat, had argued that a public release of the film, By the Grace of God, could prejudice his case.

His lawyer, Emmanuel Mercinier, said the court issued its decision on Monday morning.

The film by screenwriter and director Francois Ozon won the jury prize at the Berlin film festival this weekend.

It will hit the screens in France on Wednesday, a day before Pope Francis holds a summit

meeting of bishops at the Vatican to discuss the sex abuse of minors by clergy members.

The film, which Ozon worked on in secret for years, tells the story of the scandal which broke in 2015 wh

en a former scout, Francois Devaux, went public with allegations that Preynat had abused him as a child 25 years earlier.

Comprehensive news: Houston won the raptors The

Washington on January 25 (xinhua) NBA (NBA) 25 in 10 games, the Houston

rockets in Paul, the absence of pela continue, two points at home by visiting th

e eastern rivals the Toronto raptors.Los Angeles clippers away after fighting hard to win the Chicago bulls.

A who scored 61 points on the rate of

harden team to return to Houston, to m

eet the challenge of the east second the Toronto raptors.Game, the rockets first

to enter the state, and a good start.The b

ack end of the first quarter, Gordon lane glide buckle, full enthusiasm lit at Toyota

center.Second quarter, zakaria in the r

aptors inside thread, Gordon, green has hit three points.The raptors, josiah

kamm using scored the rockets errors, at th

e end of the second section, Leonard hits three points difficult drift, the lakers to 9 points.

Easy edge to fight again, the raptors attack by transforming the lakers to 4 points, stand up at this time harden, s

teady, a points of three points and assists zakaria dunk finish paint, the rockets to build a double-digit lead.Small b

attle, raptors blowing back horns of a wave of three points “rain”.Rocket, zakaria inside strong f

Sixth grade students out of the examinationoom immed

Yesterday, hangzhou most elementary and middle schools all over the final exam.T

hought, the children will fly “self” the exam eat good drink good ready to welc

ome the New Year.Which know, money newspaper reporters yesterday in the circle

of friends saw made up of two poems “which”, from the hand of a grade 6 children.

Because the final exam performance, “which” between the lines, all reveal a little o

f the author’s reflection, see person was funny and love dearly.

Now the society, the education are wides

pread anxiety.Moreover, the mood is slowly passed on to children.How to treat children hand over the final transcripts, in fac

t, the test is the wisdom of the parents.

Hangzhou sixth grade boy

Out of the examination room is to write down “which”

Newspaper reporters to get money, this which the small letter writer named bo-yu Yang, now studying in hangzhou jindu sixth grade.9 PM the day before yesterday, committed to the errors of Blair school thought of the day when the final exam, burst on scratch paper to write down two poems to repent, and stick them on the desk.

Vote for the heart, xiao Yang also give mom audit these two poems.Mother was made just want to “ha ha ha”, again afraid hurt my son’s “heart” glass, they turn to their own circle of friends, the result received nearly hundred comments soon.Many friends have praised the children to write well, I hope children can adjust good mentality, and fight the next exam.